Windows Subsystem for Linux

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Check if Linux Subsytem is enabled

Check your Build version is greater than 14393 by opening and runing power shell as administrator and type the command:

systeminfo | Select-String "^OS Name","^OS Version" 

You can install a Linux desktop for Windows, as long as you have set up Windows Subsystem for Linux. To check if it is enabled in windows in power shell type the command:

Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

If disabled change the Get- to Enable- and run the power shell command and reboot when prompted

Download Linux From Store

Install the desired Linux version: in this demo Kali Linux is used

Add Desktop

Add a LXDE Desktop to Linux by running the commands (*add sudo if necessary)

apt install lxde
apt update --fix-missing
apt upgrade --fix-missing

Install Windows X Server

Download and install the VcXsrv Windows X Server utility. The Software can be downloaded from Sourceforge.(Other X Servers are available Xming and MobaXterm. This guide will be using VcXsrv.)

Set Display Settings select Select one large display and display 0

One Large Window
Display 0

Set Client Startup to Start no client

Extra settings click next and finish configuration click next, this should start a blank VcXserver window.

Run Linux Inside Windows 10

Start Linux Subsytem app and at the command line configure Linux to display the desktop through the X server. Then start lxde server

export DISPLAY=:0
Kali Linux WSL on top of VcXsrv

The Desktop environment can be used as long as the Kali Linux WSL is open

LXTerminal in Kali Linux Desktop