Test Driven Development

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Fundamentals of TDD

Test Driven Development is the technique of: writing test code that fails and then creating code that passes the test (sometimes called red-green-refactor cycle). Implementing Test Driven Development generates a suite of test code that can serve as protection against creating bugs in previously working features. Testing first influences code to be written to solve the problem within scope and not other future problems that may be outside of the current scope. Test Driven Development creates a workflow of incremental progress towards delivering working features.

While testing requires time to initially develop code not associated with a feature, as a code base increases in size, complexity, and abstraction, the ability to quickly and accurately validate a feature functionality does what is is intended to do, will decrease the time spent debugging existing features and increase the time spent developing new features.

Ruby on Rails

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Use RSpec for Behavior driven TDD (Checked 9/12/2019)







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