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MagicMirror Architecture

New voice activated MagicMirror2 Hardware Setup:
22" monitor,
Raspberry Pi 3 B+,
Google voice kit V1,
Software Setup:
Raspian, Python3.2, NPM,
MagicMirror2, Google Assistant, PM2


Read More About Hardware used

  1. LG LP171WP4 (TL)(N2) 17.1″ Glossy LCD Screen 1400×900
  2. LCD Controller Driver Board VS-TY2660H-V1 (For  LP171WP4 )
  3. 12V 4A Power Supply
  4. 12V to 5V 2.1 Amp Power Supply
  5. 16×20 Picture Frame
  6. Black Picture frame insert
  7. Custom Frame
  8. Hardware


Download Google Voice kit Raspian Image
install on microsd card and complete Raspian setup and select update

Setup MagicMirror

 bash -c "$(curl -sL" 

Setup Google Assistant

Create a Google Developers Account
Create a new Project on the Actions Console
Select Social & Communication experience
click on how to decide action is invoked
Enter a Display Name (i.e. Mirror) and Google assistant Voice
Add Action: click Get Started in Dialogflow
Create an Agent and give it a Name (i.e. MirrorFlow ) Note the linked name for later Agent will be linked with vgmirror-9b466 Google Project
Add Google Assistant to project
Create OAuth2.0 credentials for Raspberry Pi

Configure Google Assistant Auto Start