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hosted by Alex Mitchel
Announcements: Glitch City Demo Night, coworking space in west LA Thurs in Culver City
Video Game Music 8bit LA video game music performance

by Mark Koester
Quantified Self using data for self improvement. Built in Python. taking personal data to correlate effect of activities to daily life. activity books for collecting different data. gets data and plots it.
Why We Sleep author Matthew Walker

by Andrew Johnson
for managing 3d files. PBR files


by Linus Phan
a data pipeline framework on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
What Are Data pipelines. taking data from multiple sources
Extracting, Formatting and Scheduling.
Stage and archive
Publish data to target
Extract, Transform, Load ETL
Extract, Load, Transform ELT
Self Hosted Solution: Pentaho Data integration

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